The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

If you could pick any hotel to stay at, which one would it be?

My VIP Life Hotel President Wilson

For most of us the average hotel stay costs around $300.00 per night.  In most cases we can get a nice room with a large bed, spacious bathroom, and if we get lucky- a good view.  Now imagine what you could get for a ‘little’ larger budget.  A ‘little’ because today we are taking a mini tour into the three most expensive hotel suites in the world.  Let’s get started!

The Palms “Empathy Suite” at the Sky Villa

The Sky Villa in Las Vegas, Nevada is home to the the most expensive hotel rooms in the world.  The Palms ‘Empathy Suite’ price ranges between $80,000- $100,000 per night.   The hotel suite comes with two master bedrooms, massage tables, a Jacuzzi that overlooks the Las Vegas Strip, a salt relaxation room and many more luxurious amenities.  The hotel room features only custom hand made furniture and six original high price art works.  To find out which art works are featured in the hotel suite you will need to spend the night there.  Here is an inside look into the most expensive hotel suite:

Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson

To find the second most expensive hotel suite in the world you will need to fly to Geneva, Switzerland.  The suit takes up an entire eighth floor of the hotel.  The suite not only offers you spacious rooms but also a gorgeous view of Geneva.  In the suite you can find a grand piano that is located in the main living room, billiard rooms, a library with a rare book collection, and a bathroom that will leave you speechless.  It is hard to decide what is more impressive- the outside views or the impressive hotel suite.  It will cost you around $80,000 per night to stay in this beautiful hotel suite.  Take a look at the suite photos here:

Mark Penthouse Suite at the Mark Hotel

Third most expensive hotel is the largest hotel penthouse in the United States.  Mark Penthouse is located in busy New York City.  The suite is 10,000 square feet large, including a 2,500 square feet rooftop terrace that is overlooking Central Park.  The suite takes over the top two hotel floors.  While staying there you will be able to enjoy five large bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fire places for cold New York nights, multiple wet bars and a large living room that can be transformed into an impressive size ballroom with 26 foot ceilings.  This is how the Mark Penthouse looks:

If you could receive one free night at any hotel in the world would you pick an extravagant $80,000 hotel room or a little more modest room costing an average of $300.00?

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