Save Money On New Year’s Eve Babysitters

Parents, We Got You Covered!

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My VIP Life Hospitality has the pleasure to announce a special partnership with Nanno On-Demand Childcare for the Black & White Electric Ball New Year’s Eve 2020.  This year, every guest will receive an automatic 20% OFF discount code for childcare services on New Year’s Eve.



Booking a sitter has never been this easy.

With Nanno, booking a high-quality sitter in minutes is easy.  Just let them know the time, place, and number of kids who need care.






Next, choose who you want your booking request to go to — you can choose just your favorite sitters, and/or sitters trusted by your network, and/or all nearby sitters in the Nanno network.





After your booking, you and your sitter will have a chance to make any adjustments necessary to the start and stop times. Once the times have been finalized, payment is processed automatically (so, no need for late-night trips to the ATM).





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New Years Eve 2020 Hotel Derek Fairmont Austin My VIP Life

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