Plastic Free Hotels

You can be apart of the change by staying at hotels that have eliminated plastics. Marriot International is one of the largest hospitality brands in the world.  Marriot operates in 127 countries with more than 6,500 properties in 30 leading hotel brands.  If you are staying in a hotel than there's a big chance you... Continue Reading →

Most Unique Hotels

What's the most unique hotel you have ever stayed at? When you're on a vacation or a work trip a hotel plays a big role on how successful your trip will be.  For different occasions we tend to pick different hotels.  For work trips, most of the time we choose a hotel that is close... Continue Reading →

Fun Cities For Labor Day Parties

We Are Your Guide To The Labor Day Hotel Parties. Labor Day weekends is one of the most popular party weekends in the United States.  Not only do we celebrate all the good workers in this country but it is also time to celebrate the last weekend of summer.  The question is… where to celebrate? ... Continue Reading →

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